Flexis Air Conditioner, 8.0 kW, pdp

Flexis Air Conditioner, 8.0 kW

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As our premium air conditioner, the Flexis gives you the highest level of convenience and efficiency with Wi-Fi and more.

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Flexis Air Conditioner, 8.0 kW
  • Self-cleaning function for continued clean, fresh air
  • Wi-Fi enabled for use with the SmartHQ™ app and smart speaker voice control
  • Evenly heat the room with 3D Airflow, which directs air horizontally and vertically

Features & Benefits

Voice and remote control

Use the SmartHQ™ app to turn on your air conditioner from anywhere to ensure the perfect temperature when you get home, or use your Wi-Fi enabled Flexis with Google Home or Amazon Alexa voice control.

Healthier air

Your Flexis air conditioner will continue working efficiently to produce clean air, with a Self-clean function that stops dirt from accumulating and reduces the growth of mould and bacteria. Other innovations such as a carbon filter and anti-bacterial silver ion coating also help to filter and kill bacteria.

Sleep mode

Sleep mode supports your ideal sleeping environment, raising, lowering or maintaining the temperature throughout the night to ensure maximum comfort.

Even airflow

Enjoy an even temperature throughout the room with 3D Airflow. Air is directed horizontally as well as vertically for consistent heating and cooling, with airflow that reaches up to 20m.

Eco sensor

The Eco movement sensor detects when there is nobody in the room, switching to Energy Saving mode after 20 minutes for more efficient temperature control.

Easy installation and maintenance

Designed for straightforward installation and maintenance, Flexis includes simple positioning specifications and easy access to the control board and motor.



Cooling capacity (kW) 8.2kW
Heating capacity (kW) 9.0kW


COP 3.60 / 3.59
EER 3.61 / 3.60
HSPF-RES (Hot/Average/Cold) 4.113 / 3.574 / 3.138
HSPFCOM (Hot/Average/Cold) 4.127 / 3.804 / 3.420
Star-Cool (Hot/Average/Cold) 3.0 / 2.5 / 2.5
Star-Heat (Hot/Average/Cold) 2.5 / 2.0 / 1.5
TCSPF-COM (Hot/Average/Cold) 4.829 / 4.886 / 5.191
TCSPF-RES (Hot/Average/Cold) 4.563 / 4.344 / 4.488


3D airflow
Blue fin coils
Built-in Wi-Fi smart control
Compressor type Rotary
DC inverter
DRED (Demand Response) ready
Exquisite filter
Quiet mode
Refrigerant factory charge 1.50kg
Standard controller YR-HQ


Indoor unit model AS82FFAHRA
Indoor unit weight 21.0kg
Liquid line 6.35mm
Maximum pipe run 25m
Outdoor unit model 1U82SAAFRA
Outdoor unit weight 57.5kg
Suction line 15.88mm


DC inverter
R32 Refrigerant
Sound power SWL (outdoor) 72dBA
Sound pressure SPL (indoor) 48 / 44 / 40 / 36dBA
Sound pressure SPL (outdoor) 55 / 57dBA
Working temperature cooling -10℃ ~ 46℃
Working temperature heating -15℃ ~ 24℃

Power Requirements

Supply frequency 50Hz
Supply voltage 220-240V

Product dimensions

Indoor unit depth 275mm
Indoor unit height 365mm
Indoor unit width 1342mm
Outdoor unit depth 385mm
Outdoor unit height 762mm
Outdoor unit width 920mm


Parts and labour 5 years


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