Promotion Details

Buy an eligible Haier Washing Machine or Dryer from a participating retailer between 01 April 2019 - 31 May 2019 and go online to claim a Bonus Prezzy® Card up to $100.

Online registration closes on 30 June 2019

Eligible Products

Eligible Haier products, including the relevant bonus gift are set out in the table below:

Product Eligible Model Prezzy® Card Value
Front Load Washer Dual Drum 8kg & 4kg HWX8040DW1 $100
Front Load Washer 8kg HWF80BW2 $100
Front Load Washer 8.5kg Direct Drive HWF85DW1 $100
Front Load Washer 8.5kg HWM85-B14266 $100
Front Load Washer 8.5kg HWF85AW1 $100
Front Load Washer 7.5kg HWM75-B12266 $50
Front Load Washer 7.5kg HWF75AW2 $50
Top Load Washer 9kg Direct Drive HWT90MW1 $100
Top Load Washer 8kg Direct Drive HWT80MW2 $100
Top Load Washer 8kg HWT80AW1 $100
Top Load Washer 7kg HWT70AW1 $50
Top Load Washer 7.5kg Agitator HWM75TLU $50
Top Load Washer 6kg HWT60AW1 $50
Top Load Washer 10kg Direct Drive HWT10MW2 $100
Dryer 8kg Condenser HDC80E1 $100