Supporting the Whakaora Kāinga initiative

In the heart of our community, Christchurch City Mission has consistently shown its commitment to uplifting those in need. With deep respect for their vision, Haier was honoured to play a part. In October 2022, we donated 23 appliances, valued at $38,000 NZD, to their new transitional housing facility, Whakaora Kāinga. Designed to make everyday tasks simpler, we hoped these appliances would assist the 14 residents in developing and refining their skills around the kitchen and laundry.

Outside view of the Whakaora Kāinga housing facility

A home to heal

Inside view of the Whakaora Kāinga housing facility

New Zealand has a need for housing facilities that support our community and genuinely feel like home. For people from all backgrounds, Whakaora Kāinga has become a place where everyone is welcome. Designed to provide a step towards stable housing for the unhoused and people living in emergency accommodation, Christchurch City Mission supports their residents to remove the barriers that have prevented them from being housed or led to them losing housing in the past.

Within three-month tenancies, residents attend a series of daily groups, workshops, recreational activities and shared cooking/meals where they support each other to rediscover life skills and a sense of connection with others.

View of the kitchen.

Elevating day-to-day experiences

View of the kitchen and laundry.

Haier values the Christchurch City Mission's work to support our wider community, and we were delighted to donate a range of appliances to their new transitional housing project. Our home appliances are built around smart technologies to enable simple living, which provides a perfect opportunity for those living in the transitional house to develop their skills around the kitchen and laundry.

At Haier, our goal is simple: to design smart home appliances that enable people to live better. Guided by our vision of Inspired Living, we were proud to support Whakaora Kāinga. While our donation may seem modest, we hope it truly elevates the day-to-day experiences of its residents. Through considered innovations and care, we aspire to be a trusted ally in helping make home life smarter, happier and healthier for all.

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