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Haier Cooking

Eat well
every meal

A well-cooked meal is a satisfying experience. Eating well comes from savouring a perfectly seared steak, brown on the outside and moist pink inside, or enjoying vegetables that taste fresh and full of flavour. Our cooking appliances help you create wholesome, delicious meals every time, regardless of whether it’s a Sunday feast or a quick weeknight dinner.

Kitchen appliances designed with you in mind

Cook for the
love of it

Knowing that everything you make in the kitchen will turn out perfectly cooked is what makes the time spent there enjoyable. Our ovens create even heat throughout the cavity, allowing you to use any shelf with confidence. Our cooktops respond instantly and precisely, to give you full control over the levels of heat you’re using. This is what we’ve designed our cooking appliances to do – we’ve distilled everything we know about how best to broil, bake, stir-fry, grill and roast, and made it easy to get it right every time.

Let your oven
clean itself

Pyrolytic self-cleaning – found in our flagship built-in oven – breaks down food residue at a very high temperature. With only a light ash left behind, cleaning becomes as simple as a few wipes with a damp cloth.

Advanced Cooking Freestanding Cooker

Advanced cook functions

In our flagship Freestanding Cooker you’ll enjoy advanced oven functions such as Pastry Bake, helping you to achieve the perfect golden crust.

Safe Heating Technology

Your safety in mind

A spill detector automatically turns off your electric cooktop, while in our gas models, Flame Failure Protection will turn off the gas if the flame is accidentally extinguished. Meanwhile, our induction cooktops are cool-to-touch, with the cook zone only heating once your cookware is placed on top.

The Most Efficient Heating Oven

Rapid heating for busy lives

You don’t have time to wait around for your oven to heat up. Push the rapid heat button after selecting your cook function and temperature and your oven will reach the temperature more quickly.

Efficient Cleaning

Keeping your
kitchen air clean

Our rangehood selection offers quiet, efficient extraction of steam and odours from around your cooktop, including easy-to-clean, dishwasher safe filters.