Haier Refrigeration

Fresh and healthy cooling

By creating the right storage conditions, you can enjoy more flavour and nutritional value from your food. Haier's refrigerators make it easy to store different foods in their ideal environment, so you can preserve quality and freshness for longer.

Preserve life's flavours

With smart features for different situations, Haier refrigerators are designed to give you flexible control to suit how you live. Whether you are storing lots of fresh produce or snap-freezing winter meals, our refrigeration technologies help you care for every ingredient and ensure the best taste.

A fridge for every lifestyle

Appliances that tick every box are essential ingredients for making everyday moments memorable, and finding a fridge that fits you is the first place to start. Whether you need maximum capacity, total flexibility, ultimate convenience or everyday essentials, Haier has a refrigerator for every lifestyle.

Explore our wide range of refrigerators, including Quad Door, Side-by-Side, French Door and Bottom Mount styles.

Fresher Techs

Haier's Fresher Techs are a set of refrigeration technologies designed to make it easy for you to preserve food properly, maintaining nutritional value, appearance and flavour.

Animated gif showcasing Switch Zone™ technology

Switch Zone™ flexibility

If you ever find you need more fridge space, you'll love Switch Zone™. This convenient technology lets you easily convert a freezer compartment to extra fridge space, or choose any temperature between -18°C and +5°C with the touch of a button.

Select your preferred storage environment with Humidity and Dry Zones™

Humidity Zone

Storing your fresh fruit and vegetables in a humid environment can help them hold onto moisture and last for longer. Our Humidity Zone drawers are designed to maintain the right humidity, ideal for keeping your leafy greens crisp and fresh.

Multi-Zone air cooling

Multi-Zone Air cooling

Temperature stability is vital for preserving the quality of our food. Haier's Multi-Zone Air cooling system circulates air evenly throughout the fridge from multiple air vents, ensuring a consistent temperature from corner to corner.

Close up of a salmon dish

Neutralise bacteria with ABT

Our advanced Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT) system works to keep the air in your refrigerator fresh and hygienic. Air is circulated past an ABT filter that kills up to 99.9% of bacteria,* helping to ensure a healthy storage environment for your food.

close up of frozen berries

Super Freeze

Freezing foods fast can help to preserve their nutritional value, texture and taste. Our Super Freeze function cools down your freezer compartment quickly to freeze food to the core. Available on a wide range of our refrigerators and freezers, Super Freeze lets you store ingredients or meals for a later date and still enjoy their full health benefits.

Girl drinking a glass of water

Chilled water and fresh ice

Enjoy a refreshing glass of chilled water whenever you like. Our fridges with a front-of-door water dispenser make it easy to reach for a glass of filtered water. Plus, our automatic ice maker delivers a constant supply of fresh ice in your freezer, so you'll never run out.

Design details

Cold water on tap

Spacious capacity

Fit a full week's shop in our large capacity models. Designed for common kitchen cavity dimensions, our refrigerators provide enough storage space for your whole household and are easy to keep organised.

Bright interior lighting

Bright interior lighting

Our ambient LED lighting evenly illuminates the interior of your fridge, so you easily see what's inside at any time of the day or night.

fingerprint-resistant finish

Fingerprint-resistant finish

To help you keep your refrigerator looking fresh and clean, our fingerprint-resistant finish makes it easy to wipe away any smudges for a sleek appearance.

Wine and beverage cabinet

Flexible wine and beverage storage

Enhance your kitchen or home bar with our inspired new wine cabinets and beverage centres. These under-counter refrigerators offer compact design to fit into any space, with safe storage for all your favourite wine, beer or other beverages.

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*Independently tested to remove greater than 99.99% of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella aertrycke, Shigella sonnet and Yersinia enterocolitica.