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Cares for you and your family

Haier laundry appliances care for your fabrics as they wash and dry, helping them to remain at their best for longer. And they protect you and your loved ones too, removing dirt and germs from fabrics and leaving the scent of beautifully clean laundry.

Better fabric care through innovation

Different fabrics require specific wash cycles, water needs to be heated to precisely the right temperature, and it’s important to avoid the damage caused by over-drying. Our laundry appliances use innovative technologies drawn from years of research to care for your fabrics with every wash or dry, making it simple for you to get the everyday task of laundry done with exceptional care.

Made to match

Blending considered design features that complement each other visually, our front loader washing machines and dryers are made to match and designed to work together, for the best fabric care.

Far better without the belt

Hygiene and Innovation

The UV Protect wash option in our H600 front loaders utilises UV light to help kill more than 99.99% of bacteria while using a low wash temperature, for long-lasting fabric care.*

*Independently tested to eliminate greater than 99.99% of staphylococcus aureus and E. coli using the Durable cycle + UV Sanitise wash option.

Connected living

Connected living

It’s even easier to manage your home appliances and your everyday routines with Haier Wi-Fi enabled appliances. Use the SmartHQ™ app for remote control through your phone or tablet, or voice control with Google Smart Home or Amazon Alexa.

Refresh with steam

Refresh with steam

Gently freshen up your fabrics with this short cycle in our H600 heat pump dryers. The Refresh cycle uses ultrasonic technology to release steam into the drum, reducing odours and wrinkles in even the most delicate fabrics.

Save energy and water

Save energy and water

Many of our washing machines and dryers have features to help you save energy and water, such as efficient heat pump drying, or the Eco wash option that reduces energy usage by up to 44% and water use by over 25 litres on the Cotton cycle.

Cleaner laundry from a clean machine

Cleaner laundry from a clean machine

Some Haier washing machines come with two forms of hygiene protection: Our Smart Dual Spray System automatically cleans your machine after every wash, and an Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT) prevents mould and bacteria in the detergent drawer and around the door porthole. This ensures a more hygienic clean for your clothes and also improves the durability of your machine.