Low current, high performance:
Haier induction without rewiring
your kitchen

Ask almost any chef, and they'll tell you that induction cooktops are the most advanced and efficient way to cook. Unlike traditional gas or electric cooktops, which transfer heat from a burner to the cookware, induction cooktops use electromagnetic energy to heat pots and pans directly, without a flame or heating element. This results in faster cooking times, more precise temperature control, and easier cleanup. But until recently, this technology has come at a trade-off, with many induction cooktops requiring electrical rewiring in older homes to ensure the circuit can meet the power demand. 

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At Haier, we believe that everyone deserves to experience the joys of induction cooking. That's why we're proud to offer low-current induction cooktops that offer similar cooking efficiency to their traditional counterparts while supporting efficient and cost-effective installations.

This makes it the perfect product for those giving their kitchen a gentle facelift, as much as it is the ideal solution for anyone looking to lean into sustainability trends by moving away from gas. It also means you likely won't have to endure the costly and time-consuming process of rewiring an old circuit. And don't worry, low-current technology doesn't mean sacrificing precision. These cooktops offer the same effective heat management as traditional models when needed, so you can cook your favourite meals to perfection.

What is low-current induction cooking?

What makes this alternative so effective is a breakthrough power management software that reduces the amount of electricity needed to run an induction cooktop. This means that in most instances, low-current induction cooktops can run on existing home wiring - a much more affordable and accessible choice for homeowners, renovators and landlords alike, given that the rewiring process can be an expensive cost on top of the cost of the cooktop and installation. Where traditional induction cooktops typically need higher power and a necessary 32-amp circuit or three-phase upgrade, the low-current power management software can often use the existing circuit by strategically directing energy to different parts of the cooktop.

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How energy efficient are induction cooktops?

In a world where energy efficiency is becoming front of mind when people are choosing a new appliance, the growing trend towards induction cooking is no surprise. Induction cooking offers immediate and responsive temperature control while also, according to rating system Energy Star, is reported to be 5-10% more energy efficient than conventional electric cooktops and three times more efficient than gas.

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To lessen their greenhouse gas emissions, some Australian states like Victoria and ACT have introduced bold legislation to ban gas cooktops in new builds. Earlier this year in New Zealand, the Climate Change Commission recommended that the government set a date for a similar ban on installing gas cooktops in new homes from 2025. It's part of a broader plan to make New Zealand a carbon-neutral country by 2050, which means with 80-85% of our energy generated from renewable sources, it is an exciting advancement for the modern home.

Where can you buy a low-current induction cooktop?

As the latest addition to our stable, Haier's new low-current induction cooktop combines innovative induction cooking technologies with ease of installation. For complete design flexibility, the power management software has been introduced to the most sought-after cooktop in our range, allowing you to choose the sizes and cooking methods that suit your lifestyle. With a 19.1A rated current and 4.4kW power, this cooktop has been designed to support efficient and cost-effective installations. And with an unwavering commitment to good food, our low-current induction cooktops still offer power in their boost function, with two zones able to be used at their maximum at any one time. 

If you're looking for an advanced and efficient way to cook with the potential to avoid wiring upgrades, a low-current induction cooktop from Haier is the most inspired choice for your family.

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