The secret to fluffy towels

For many of us, the joy of a soft, fluffy towel after a shower is a daily luxury. But towels often lose their plushness over time, and let's be honest - no one likes drying off with a towel that feels like sandpaper. Before you throw in the towel (literally), there is a silver lining to this softness saga. We've discovered that if you treat your towels right, they'll return the favour.

Here are some easy tweaks you can make to your laundry routine to help keep those towels smelling fresh and feeling fuzzy.

Give new towels a spin

Most new towels are coated with silicone or other finishes that block absorbency. This coating gives them that extra-fluffy look and feel at the store. Washing your new towels removes these finishes and allows for maximum absorbency.

A pile of folded towels being carried

Cut back on detergent

Soapy residue can build up and leave your once plush towels feeling stiff and scratchy. Use less detergent and leave your Haier washing machine to rinse out all the soapy suds for a job well done. Some Haier washing machines feature Smart Dosing technology, which automatically delivers the right amount of detergent based on your load and wash cycle, helping to minimise residue on your towels.

Skip the fabric softener

Be wary of fabric softeners as they often contain silicon, which can coat your towel's fibres. This means your towels can start to repel water rather than absorb it, getting in the way of a good, thorough wash.

A child learning how to use a dryer

Tumble dry your towels

For optimal fluffiness, using a dryer is your best bet. The combination of air flow and tumbling helps make your towels extra fluffy.

Consider dryers with heat pump technology, like those from Haier. Haier dryers dry gently at lower temperatures, perfect for the longevity of your towels. Plus, with an 8-star energy rating, they are more energy-efficient than vented dryers.

A man loading towels into a dryer

Use a dedicated towel cycle

Most Haier washing machines have a Towel cycle. This tailored cycle adjusts spin speed and rinse, effectively washing away those pesky soap suds that can turn your towels into sandpaper. If your washing machine doesn't have this feature, don't worry—you can run your towels through an extra rinse cycle or choose a gentle cycle that will keep the spinning to a minimum while giving a generous rinse.

Lighten your load

When it comes to laundry, less is often more. Aim to fill your washer or dryer to about three-quarters full for the best cleaning and drying results. This ensures there's enough water flow in the washing machine to rinse off grime and residue, and plenty of airflow in the dryer to properly dry your towels.

Shake it out

If the sun is basking down and the wind is just right, you may be tempted to pop your towels on the washing line. Make sure you give them a good shake before you hang them up and the breezier the day the better—this helps loosen the fabric pile.

A perfect pair of laundry appliances

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