Inspired Choices with Haier's
New Oven Range

Designing a kitchen isn't always about finding the perfect match. Sometimes, it's the subtle balance of elements that brings a space to life. Whether you're an interior design enthusiast or someone keen to showcase your individual flair, the challenge lies in expressing your personality to create a space that truly resonates with you. And now, enhancing your kitchen's palette is easier than ever with Haier's new range of ovens, available in four unique colours to complement your style.

Expression through design

Kitchen design is no longer just about functionality—it's become a means of self-expression. At Haier, we understand the diverse tastes that shape every unique kitchen. Our latest range of kitchen appliances, including ovens, cooktops, and rangehoods, introduces a new palette of choices and distinctive stylings that mirror your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. With four new understated shades like light grey, mid grey, black, and stainless steel, our colours can seamlessly blend with any kitchen decor or style—from traditional charm to modern minimalism—or stand out as a bold statement.

A palette for your kitchen

At Haier, we blend enduring design with practical functionality. Our oven colours are thoughtfully curated to evolve with your kitchen's changing aesthetics. As you explore our colour choices, you will see how each shade can transform your space:

Subtle light grey wall oven

Subtle light grey to brighten your kitchen: This shade is more than a colour; it's a warm, modern statement. Its versatility pairs well with many materials, providing a soft background for any kitchen.

Haier mid grey wall oven

Sophisticated mid grey for the perfect balance: Our mid-grey oven harmonises with your kitchen's striking features and bold accents, adding depth and visual interest.

Haier stainless steel built-in oven

Stainless steel for a striking look: Our stainless steel oven enhances the contemporary feel of kitchens. It adapts to various colour schemes, whether warm or cool.

Black oven

Absolute black for a modern finish: The black glass oven is both commanding and sleek, perfect for blending into darker settings or contrasting with lighter decor.

Performance beyond aesthetics

Our seven-function ovens not only look great but also come with impressive features. Think intuitive functionality that simplifies your cooking, and self-cleaning catalytic side panels that take the chore out of clean-up. Plus, the unique Air Fry function caters to the trend of healthier cooking, all within a stylish design.

In uniting style with performance, our ovens and their matching cooktops and rangehoods truly deliver. So why settle for the ordinary when you can say hello to choices and let your kitchen truly reflect your style.

Haier's new Coloured ovens

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