The Ultimate Fridge Buying Guide

Buying a new fridge is a big decision. It's an investment you'll be living with for many years, so choosing the right one is essential. But with so many different types and styles of fridges on the market, it can be challenging to know where to start.

That's why we've put together this comprehensive refrigeration buying guide. As the world's number one major appliance brand for 14 years*, Haier knows fridges. We know that different fridges suit different lifestyles, so we're here to take you through the key considerations you must make when choosing the perfect fridge.

1. Kitchen design and layout

The first step is to measure the space where you'll place your new fridge. This will help you narrow down your choices and avoid picking a refrigerator that's too big or too small. Also, think about the layout of your kitchen. If you have limited space, consider a fridge with a more compact or flexible design. If you're working with an existing cavity, you may be looking for specific dimensions to fit. And if you're looking to navigate any potential obstructions around the door openings, choosing between a left- and right-hinge door will be vital for the perfect fit.

2. Capacity and storage options

How much food do you typically have in your fridge? If you have a large family or entertain often, you'll need a fridge with a larger capacity or flexible space. Also, think about the types of food you need to store. If you buy a lot of fresh produce, you'll need a fridge with humidity-controlled drawers. If you regularly host, consider a solution with wider shelves for storing platters or specific compartments for keeping beverages perfectly chilled. If you're a keen meal prepper or buy lots of frozen food, you'll want to look at a fridge with a large freezer compartment.

3. Configuration

Whether you find yourself hosting crowds of kids between sports practice and birthday parties, are a young flat needing a fridge that can accommodate different meals, or a small household that wants to simplify your kitchen while maximising space, considering how your fridge responds to your daily demands is key for an inspired choice in any kitchen. There are four main types of fridges: Quad Door, Side-by-Sides, French Door and Bottom Mount, with more entry-level models for those who seek them.

Quad Door refrigerators are the most high-end option, offering plentiful storage space with two French doors opening to a refrigerator on top and another two opening to a freezer on the bottom.

Side-by-Side fridges are a good choice if you have limited kitchen space. They typically have two narrow doors, making them easier to open and close in tight spaces. But Haier's model boasts three doors, offering more flexibility for your kitchen.

French Door fridges have a wider fridge compartment than their Side-by-Side and Bottom Mount counterparts, offering storage space and flexibility. They have two French doors on top and a pull-out freezer drawer on the bottom.

Bottom Mount fridges are a more basic, compact approach. They put fresh food at eye level, which can be more convenient, especially for people with mobility issues, and are typically at a more affordable price point.

4. Technologies and features

Many fridges come with various features, such as water dispensers, ice makers, and built-in smart home technology. Haier's Fresher Techs are a set of refrigeration technologies specifically designed to make it easy for you to preserve food properly, maintaining nutritional value, appearance and flavour. Alongside Switch Zone™ flexibility, which allows you to easily convert a freezer compartment to extra fridge space (and back again), most of our models offer a Humidity Zone, Multi-Zone Air cooling, an Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT) system, and Super Freeze.

Many models also offer chilled water and fresh ice, which is convenient for busy households or the entertainers among us — with the option to have it plumbed in or a refillable interior tank. Consider which features are important to you and, where possible, choose a fridge that offers them all.

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5. Energy efficiency

Fridges are one of the most significant energy users in the home. When choosing a refrigerator, look for an energy star rating model. Higher-star-rated fridges, which can save you money on energy bills, are more efficient than standard models. (In certain Australian states, you may qualify for a government rebate.)

Buying a new fridge is a big decision, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. By following the tips in this guide, you can choose the perfect fridge for your needs and budget. If you’re still seeking guidance, reach out to our Haier Live Support chat at any time.

*Source Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Appliances 2023ed, % unit share, 2009-2022 volume sales data. Major Appliances category is the sum of dishwashers, home laundry appliances, large cooking appliances, microwaves and refrigeration appliances.

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