Your Dryer Buying Checklist

Finding the perfect clothes dryer is no small task. The right dryer is more than just a machine—it's an integral part of your daily routine, ensuring your family's laundry is clean, dry, and comfortable. From understanding the various types of clothes dryers to considering factors such as family size, ventilation, and energy efficiency, this guide aims to demystify the process. As you navigate your dryer journey, here are some factors to consider:

Woman using a Haier Heat Pump Dryer.
Laundry basket.

Assessing household laundry

For households bustling with activity and larger laundry demands, a bigger dryer is essential. Both Haier's heat pump and condenser dryers come in sizes ample enough to handle heavy loads, making them ideal for large families. Not only do they offer the capacity needed, but they're also designed for efficiency, which is particularly beneficial when the clothes dryer is in frequent use.

A closer look at Haier Clothes Dryers

Laundry space and design

Consider the size of your laundry room and choose a model that fits comfortably while enhancing the room's aesthetics. For a considered look, explore washer and dryer pairs that are made to match. However, if your space is limited, a two-in-one washer dryer combo can be an excellent space-saving solution that doesn't compromise on functionality, offering the convenience of both washing and drying in a single appliance. Compact or stackable dryers also cater to smaller spaces, providing flexibility and efficiency.

Haier heat pump vs condensing dryers side by side


Factor in initial purchase and ongoing running costs. Heat pump dryers, though more expensive initially, can offer savings over time due to their energy efficiency.

Close up of Haier heat pump dryer

Energy efficiency

If saving energy is a priority, a heat pump dryer could be a valuable investment despite its higher upfront cost. Remember to check for models with a high star energy rating, as these are the most efficient in operation and can contribute to long-term savings and environmental benefits.

Haier washer dryer stacking kit


Ventilation is key to preventing moisture and mildew in your home. If your laundry area isn't set up for external venting, look for ventless options like condenser dryers or heat pump dryers, which offer more flexibility in placement.

White t-shirt look fresh after a wash and dry

Fabric care

To keep your garments looking their best, opt for dryers with heat pump technology, steam cycles, delicate settings, and sensor drying. These features are designed to care for your clothes gently, helping to maintain their quality and appearance over time. And remember to always follow the care labels on your clothes for optimal fabric preservation.

Child sleeping.

Noise levels

If your clothes dryer will be near living or sleeping areas, consider the noise level of the model you choose. Some dryers are equipped with features that reduce operational noise, providing a quieter laundry experience.

Wi-fi Dryer are handy to connect via SmartHQ app.

Smart features

In our connected world, having a dryer with smart capabilities means enhanced convenience. Haier's clothes dryers can connect to Wi-Fi, allowing you to control your dryer remotely, get updates, and more, all from your smartphone.

Whether you're a busy family juggling laundry loads, an environmentally conscious household seeking energy efficiency, or a couple looking for a compact and practical solution, there's a Haier clothes dryer designed with you in mind.

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